Froebelian Uniform Day 2020

Each Friday we try to bring our fantastic Froebelian community together in a shared activity. Seen as we are all in non-uniform at home at the moment, this week Mrs Dodds declared a UNIFORM day for charity – a sort of mufti day in reverse – to support the NHS Charities Together organisation ( to honour all those hospital workers who have to wear their special uniforms every day to look after poorly people.

donations can be made at We have set a fundraising target of £300

It was wonderful to see the children in their Froebelian Red.

Thank you as always for your continued support.

Arrange a visit to the school, you can meet some of our staff and pupils.

The Froebelian Flyers

This year we have introduced Froebelian Flyers. Each week staff nominate pupils who they believe have best met the characteristics of one of the flyers.