As one of the North's leading preparatory schools we offer an expansive range of extra-curricular, enriching lessons, clubs and classes for pupils.

We understand that everyone might not be a budding Conor Gallagher, Leila Fernandez or Magnus Carlson, so we offer a well-rounded choice of  activities.  Take a look at our extensive range of extra curricular opportunities

We also have a hugely experienced, range of specialist music teachers who provide a comprehensive choice of lessons.

As you would expected our outstanding teaching is backed up with a regular school trips and educational visits. These help reinforce class teaching as well as giving the children opportunities to discover and develop greater independence.

Older pupils are given opportunities to experience residential trips to places such as the Robinwood outdoor centre at Todmorden and Form IV (Year 6) will have an opportunity to visit France at some point in their final year. Form IV pupils are also given the chance to qualify for the Froebelian Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge as well as undertaking a number of both physical and community based activities to achieve the FIVe Steps Challenge award.

Take a look at our extensive range of extra curricular opportunities

For all enquiries regarding Extra-Curricular activities contact