Additional Clubs & Activities

We offer an extensive range of extra-curricular activities both during the school day and after 3.30pm.

Most of our clubs are run by members of staff, helping to ensure that our high standards of discipline and care are maintained. The clubs offered to pupils are varied and embrace music (e.g. recorder consort and samba band), sport, art and craft, cookery, ICT, drama and debating. We know that children benefit enormously from these opportunities to widen their experience and develop new talents; they also thoroughly enjoy the clubs.

In our most recent inspection report, it was noted that ‘Pupils speak enthusiastically about the particularly good range of extra curricular activities, educational visits, sports fixtures and annual residential trips’. Most clubs are free or involve only a modest charge to cover materials.

School Visits

Trips and visits away from school provide unique and valuable experiences for children to explore and learn beyond the classroom. The broad range of trips that we arrange provides all our pupils with opportunities that engage and inspire them.

Our youngest pupils enjoy farm visits and role-play sessions such as a Victorian day at Beningbrough Hall. Many of these trips encourage our pupils to explore the natural world and to understand how they should learn to look after the world’s environment and resources. Role-play activities help children to explore the past and different cultures, allowing them to develop an empathy and appreciation of the achievements of their ancestors.

Older pupils continue to visit museums, places of worship, theatres etc., such as the recreated Roman fort at Murton Park near York. They also have exciting opportunities to participate in residential trips. For example, Years 3 and 4 are taken to outdoor education centres and encouraged to undertake challenges in an exciting and safe environment. They explore their own potential and strengthen their ability to work as a team when solving problems. Getting wet and drinking lots of hot chocolate are also obligatory!

Our oldest pupils, in Years 5 and 6 are also given an opportunity to enrich their French lessons by joining a trip to Normandy. We stay at a chateaux that specializes in school groups and use this as a base to explore local culture, for example by visiting a farm that produces goats’ cheese (the smell is always a talking point) and by spending time at a local market. Key historical experiences are included, such viewing the Bayeux Tapestry and visiting the D-Day landing beaches.

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“There is an excellent approach by all the staff to enable each child to reach their full potential, which in turn creates a wonderfully happy learning environment”

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The Froebelian Flyers

Froebelian Flyers are pupils nominated by teachers, who they believe have best met the characteristics of one of the flyers.