Sport is an important and integral part of the curriculum and life at Froebelian.

As one of the leading academic independent prep schools in the North, we know that our many co-educational sporting opportunities and achievements help complement our excellent academic success.

We understand that children instinctively enjoy sport and we know that it is vital that young children exercise regularly.

Many of our staff have specialist PE training and have distinguished sporting records, Mrs Algar is a former county level netballer.

The major sports are football, netball, cross-country, swimming, rounders and cricket. Tennis and athletics are also covered throughout the year. Older Juniors are given the opportunity to enjoy outdoor pursuits, and there are many lunchtime or after school clubs encouraging children to participate in the sports.

We are extremely proud of the commitment our children demonstrate.

One of our Form IV pupils recently took part in the Yorkshire Swim Championships finishing an incredible 4th in Yorkshire – with times of 34.4 seconds in the 50m fly and 32.23 secondsin the 50m free.

One of our Form III pupils has been selected as an Academy Player at Manchester United Football Club for the 2019-20 season, having been awarded his first contract at 9 years old.

“The ski trip was a completely new sport to me and it definitely put me out of my comfort zone and made me want to do it again and again”

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The Froebelian Flyers

Froebelian Flyers are pupils nominated by teachers, who they believe have best met the characteristics of one of the flyers.