Froebelian is a happy, healthy and kind school where we nurture all members of the school community and enable them to access and utilise tools to support individual and collective wellbeing at Froebelian.

With Deputy Head and Mental health first Aider, Mrs Stratford, at the helm, The Froebelian Happiness Project was launched in March 2019 to ensure all members of the Froebelian Family feel happy, safe and valued.

Recently, there has been a growing recognition of the need to make dramatic improvements to mental health services for children and young people and we strongly believe that the emotional health and wellbeing of children is just as important as their physical health and wellbeing.
Family relationships make the biggest difference to children’s well-being and one of the main strengths of our school is that we see ourselves as a family. The success of the relationships between all children and adults who collaborate in our school is key to all we do.
With all this in mind, as a school we feel that it is vital that we work in partnership with parents on this critical area of our children’s development and equally each and every adult who is involved in Froebelian.

The Happiness Hut is a designated space within school where any member of the Froebelian Family can take time out in a safe, secure and peaceful space, whether it be to read, listen to music, chat with a friend or have a thinker moment.

Our School Cockapoo dog Molly is now an integral part of our School family.  Cockapoos are a breed of dog known for their loving and loyal nature which gives them the right temperament to be a School dog.   Molly spends a number of days each week in School, visiting classrooms, being walked by staff and even taking part in running club.  We have now introduced The Molly Award for individuals or classes that have gone above and beyond what’s expected from them in School to help maintain the happy environment.