We help others to achieve their goals.

Next week, our ethos theme is: ‘We help others to achieve their goals.’ We are in the midst of the awards season for films and this ethos theme reminds me of the actors and actresses who have been lucky enough to receive their Golden Globe, BAFTA or Oscar award. In their thank you speeches, these film stars always express their gratitude for everyone who has been instrumental in their success: their family, their agent, the writer, the director, the producer, the amazing cast and crew etc. All of these people have supported the star in realising international acclaim; helping them to achieve their acting goal often with little recognition for their efforts. Although only one person receives the accolade, it is important to acknowledge the support structure which has played a fundamental part in their success.

As FIV start to celebrate their Senior School successes, it might be an opportunity for them to reflect on who has helped them to achieve their goal. Their achievements are the culmination of many years of education at Froebelian and involve every member of the school community. They could not achieve these offers without their personal drive and motivation, the support of their parents, the expertise of teachers, the care and attention of the teaching assistants and the camaraderie of their friends. It’s a great team effort!