As one of the North's leading preparatory schools we offer an expansive range of over 50 extra-curricular, enriching lessons, clubs and classes for pupils.

Froebelian Extra
In our most recent inspection report, it was noted that ‘Pupils speak enthusiastically about the particularly good range of extra-curricular activities
We offer over 50 extra-curricular activities both during the school day and after 3.30pm which are run by members of staff and specialist coaches and teachers. We know that children benefit enormously from these opportunities to widen their experience and develop new talents.

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Sport is an important and integral part of the curriculum and life at Froebelian and has been a key area of development for the School over recent years. We are delighted to share our new and exciting provision.

In the Juniors, Children participate together now in a wider range of sports in Games lessons during the year, including football, netball, rugby, hockey, cricket and rounders. All children have an equal opportunity to succeed in each sport and a culture of skills development and personal achievement is encouraged.

Football & Rugby

Our U9 and U11 football and rugby sessions are run at the purpose-built off-site facilities at Yarnbury RFC in Horsforth, throughout the Autumn & Spring Terms. The provision is delivered by our specialist rugby coach and supported by Mr Finan.

For football, we have secured a semi-professional player from Guiseley AFC who will be joining Mr Heseltine to coach the children. Sessions will take place on the AGP pitch at Yarnbury.


Our U9 and U11 netball teams will be coached by Ebony Greatorex from The Elite Netball Academy. Ebony is a highly qualified and experienced coach with experience playing for England and Team Bath.  Read all about her experience here.

Swimming – All children in Forms I-IV (Years 3-6) have regular swimming lessons at the recently renovated Aireborough Leisure Centre, culminating in the annual Swimming Gala.

Tennis – gives children the opportunity to learn basic skills before Tennis becomes part of the PE curriculum in Form I.  This club is run by LTA professional coach Mr Jonathan Sowden.


Music is a unique way of communicating that can inspire and motivate children. At Froebelian we make music an enjoyable learning experience and encourage all children to participate in a variety of musical experiences.

In our new Music Suite, we aim to encourage children to sing and play instruments with enthusiasm from an early age, encourage them to work individually, co-operate with others and to develop confidence in all musical activities.

Music at Froebelian is an important aspect of school life and is taught to all age groups by a specialist teacher. Specialist peripatetic instrumental teachers visit school and pupils are encouraged to learn an instrument, including voice, in addition to the recorder.

Miss Hazel Smith – Flute and Fife Teacher

Miss Smith has been teaching the flute and fife at Froebelian for 10 years. She is an experienced teacher of children and adults and directs an adult flute choir. She also enjoys playing in two ensembles that do performances in the local area.

Listen to The Yorkshire Flute Choir here

Mrs Helen Mason – Piano Teacher

Mr Matthew McGuffie – Clarinet and Saxophone Teacher

Mr McGuffie has extensive experience working with students of all ages and is also an ABRSM examiner.  He graduated with a Bachelor of Music Honours Degree from Huddersfield University and has dedicated the past twenty-five years to building his teaching skillset and experience whilst preparing students for instrumental and theory ABRSM and Trinity College Exams as well as GCSE and A level performance assessments.

Mr McGuffie performs in a wide variety of musical settings from Orchestral and large Wind Orchestra groups to Musical Theatre pit work, Function bands and Wedding Performances. These include performances in two recent Worlds Saxophone Congresses.

Mrs Milka Kalinowka – Violin Teacher

Milka Kalinowka is passionate about the violin and getting children involved in music from an early age.  She began her musical journey when she was seven at the Primary School of Music in Gdynia Poland, graduating from the Academy of Music in Poland in 2001 with a degree and a certificate of instrumental pedagogies specialising in teaching violin.  Milka has performed in chamber courses, music festivals, concerts and symphonic and chamber orchestras around the world.

Listen to Milka here

Mr David Grainger – Guitar Teacher

David Grainger has been playing guitar for 25 years and has been a professional teacher for over 10 years. He has studied with many leading guitarists and teachers and holds a Licentiate in Guitar Performance from ABRSM.

David’s focus in lessons is on developing a solid foundation of skills so that students can continue to explore and enjoy playing the guitar throughout their lives. He ensures that students play with good technique and can read music confidently. Many students go on to sit Graded examinations in guitar, with a 100% pass rate, while others explore a variety of styles of guitar playing.

Listen to David here

David Grainger Website

Mr Brian Mason – Singing Teacher

Singing is good for you

“There are many different benefits that arise from singing. These apply to all ages, from childhood into adulthood and through into retirement age and
beyond. I know. With appropriate nurturing, singing competency will develop. Almost without exception, everyone has the potential to sing competently and enjoy singing for the whole of their life. Childhood provides a crucial opportunity to lay the foundations of a positive lifelong singing (and musical) pleasure.  We singers don’t need to buy an instrument. We are born with it and with careful nurturing it can turn into a most beautiful instrument.  The joy of singing is unbelievable. Our repertoire is immense, probably greater than for any other instrument, and dates from the 6th Century plainchant by St Gregory the Great to the modern music from the 20th and 21st Century.  I have been singing and performing all my life and still do. I get so much pleasure in singing and working with other musicians and there is so much pleasure in singing music from the 1,000-year repertoire that is available.”


“In music I have accomplished my goal of improving my singing and I am now able to sing on stage with conviction”

School Clubs and Societies

For Pre-Prep

Ballet – is a fun but structured introduction to Ballet following the IDTA (International Dance Teachers Association) syllabus. Rosette Awards and the pre juvenile Award will hopefully be completed over the three terms. The lessons will be taught by Lisa Rutter who has over twenty-five years teaching experience in Ballet, Tap and Jazz. She is qualified to the highest level (fellowship) within the IDTA in both Ballet and Tap. Her wealth of experience includes choreographing many pantomimes and productions in the Leeds area. Previous pupils are now enjoying professional careers as dancers and/or teachers.

Crafty Fingers – is run by Ms Sibson and aims to give the children an opportunity to learn new skills including weaving, sewing, collage and model making.

Culture Club – explores the culture of different countries around the world through arts, craft, and language activities.

Fun, Food and Games – The children enjoy different activities each week – games, visits to the Nature Area, the chance to do some cooking and craft activities.

Gym Club – Come along and learn new and different skills and movements like rolling, balancing, control, coordination and balance. We will be using lots of different equipment and putting movement sequences together.

Monday Mindfulness – This is a practical club held on a Monday after school and the children will experience different ways of practising Mindfulness, for example, Yoga, mindful colouring and much more. It aims to help children develop skills such as focusing on one task at a time and decreasing stress and anxiety.

Multi Skills – Fun games and activities to help younger pupils develop the skills they need to play sports. Jumping, running, striking, hitting and kicking to name just a few!

Sports Club is run by Premier Sport and is designed to expose the children to a range of enjoyable and stimulating games, which look to improve children’s confidence and ability.  The children will develop social, physical and sports skills through a range of different games and activities that have a Multi-Skills focus and aim to develop balance, agility and coordination.

Yoga and Mindfulness is taught by Rebecca Heap who is a fully qualified Children’s Mindfulness and Yoga teacher, having trained with the Mindfulness in Schools Project and The Collins and Barth School of Yoga and is assisted by Mrs Mulligan. This club is designed to help with the stresses and strains faced by children today; giving them the tools they need to support their emotional wellbeing throughout their lives.

For The Juniors

Pupil Council – At the beginning of every academic year two pupils are elected from each class from Remove up to Form IV to be the class’s Pupil Council Representatives. Meetings take place on a fortnightly basis with Deputy Head Mrs Stratford and Headteacher, Mrs Dodds. Pupils are invited to bring along their peer’s views and any topics that they feel they would like to discuss which may help improve the school further.

Abstract Craft Club – Using a range of everyday materials, children will use their creative talents individually and in small groups to develop abstract 3D crafts. We aim to use as many recycled materials as we can and we will learn about famous abstract artists such as Jackson Pollock, Wassily Kandinsky, Pablo Picasso and Paul Klee.


Articulate club aims to develop and hone your speaking and listening skills. Incorporating debating, current affairs and philosophy, each week pupils are given opportunities to express their thoughts, ideas and opinions on a wide range of issues. The sessions are great preparation for entrance exam interviews but also simply for developing confidence when speaking in public to a range of audiences.

Board Games – This club is aimed at stimulating children and helping them work together. Each week will be different with a variety of board games and outdoor favourites including giant snakes and ladders and skittles.

Calligraphy helps children to learn the basics of the art of writing with decorative strokes.

Chess Club – All Juniors are welcome to join Chess Club. The winner of the Froebelian annual Chess Tournament will be awarded with the school chess cup.

Coding Club – Using Minecraft Education Edition (M:EE) children dive into a specially designed world and take on a series of challenges. They will be introduced to the in-built code builder and their Coding Agent and learn to code within Minecraft. They will build structures, automate tasks such as tilling ground and laying crops, and even create survival challenge games. Throughout the course children will experiment with the M:EE chemistry blocks, such as the material reducer, compound creator and element constructor in order to create new materials for items such as balloons and lightsabres! This is a great course for Minecrafters, budding coders, aspiring designers and everyone in between!

Craft Club – uses a range of materials and techniques (these may include weaving, sewing, collage, model making) to create their own masterpieces, this fun club is open to all keen crafters, whether they are new to crafting or looking to develop skills they already have.

D&D Club – is a hybrid of drama, storytelling and fantasy games, where the events of the game are decided by rolling dice. Players work as a team to explore an imaginary world and progress as a character that they create, working together to solve puzzles, make friends and stop bad guys. A short person can become a tall person, a boy can play a girl, an otherwise introvert can be outgoing and sociable, imagination is the only limit!

Drama Club is run by specialist teacher, Mrs Taylor-Parker,

DT Club – In this club, children will have the opportunity to design, model, make and test a range of products which they can take home. Including photo frames, stationary boxes and more.

Hygge ‘Hygge’ is a Danish and Norwegian word for ‘cosiness’.  This club aims to develop a feeling of wellness and contentment through arts, crafts, and baking. This club is run by Ms Zincke on a Friday Lunchtime and there is a charge of £6.00 per term.

ICT Trouble Shooting – Got a problem with ICT that no-one else can help with? Mrs Gilliland is the lady to help you. Pupils can pop into the ICT suite to practise some ICT skills, work on some homework, write a sports report or do a ‘House’ job. Children can come whenever they need help or have work to finish.

Italian Club – Pupils learn basic words and phrases so that they can take part in a simple conversation, useful for future holidays!

Library Drop-in session – Mrs Jackson is on hand to help on a Monday Lunchtime. Come along and choose a book, take it away to read and return it before your next visit. Happy reading!

Miniature Painting Club is a unique club run by Mr Swinney and gives children the chance to paint miniatures, bringing tiny characters to life before their eyes. They will be guided in a series of paint-along style sessions resulting in a completed table-top figurine to take home at the end of term. The process will develop brush control and colour theory, as well as light behaviour and how to replicate it with paint. For those who like knights, dragons and all things fantasy, this is the club for them!

Newsbeat Club members will be busy newshounds watching and sourcing interesting stories in the news. They will gather intriguing facts and articles to share with us and keep a watchful eye on how some stories are reported in different ways throughout the week – e.g. online, TV and radio reports. Some weeks members will debate items of interest in the news giving their point of view for and against. This club is run by Mrs Handley on a Friday Lunchtime.

Quicksticks – is a fun game designed to introduce children to hockey. Run by Miss Hazell, it is 4 a side and is played with a larger, lighter and safer ball. It is fun, fast and exciting. There is no goalkeeper and due to the small numbers, it offers players full involvement and increased playing time. Four children play at any one time with the other two children taking on the role of umpiring and managing.  These roles are then rotated throughout the game, so all children participate. It is a fully inclusive sport and great fun.

Running Club – Runners of all abilities are welcome to join in with running either along the towpath, local paths and tracks or at the field on a Friday lunchtime.

Samba Band – is run by our Drum Teacher, Mr Stevens.

Scrabble – Children will have the opportunity to play this classic word game. There will be tension, competition and teamwork. There’s even maths, and yes, there’s plenty of spelling!

Snakes and Computers Club – Using the Python programming language and building on IT skills taught in other areas of school, children will experience the endless possibilities of real-world coding. Through a series of fun and engaging mini projects they will learn the fundamentals of reading, writing and running one of the most popular industry programming languages as used by Google, Netflix and other digital giants. Run by Mr Swinney, this introduction is a perfect primer for those showing an interest in computers and technology as they look toward high school.

Spanish Club – children learn basic words and phrases so that they can take part in a simple conversation which will be useful for future Spanish holidays.

Why learn Spanish? Spanish is the official language in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Equatorial Guinea, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, México, Nicaragua, Panamá, Paraguay, Perú, Puerto Rico, Spain, Uruguay, and Venezuela. It is also spoken in large parts of North America.  Recently it was estimated that approximately 450 million people speak Spanish around the world.

Street Dance – Street Dance Teacher, Sarah O’Hagan is a fellow member of  The International Dance Teachers Association.
Alongside street dance she teaches and holds qualifications in many genres of dance including: Ballet, Tap, Contemporary Jazz and Theatre Craft to name a few.  Prior to her teaching career in 2000 she worked as a professional dancer in theatre shows and onboard cruise liners.  Street dance offers a variety of fun and energy packed routines to popular dance music and gives children the chance to express their creativity and “show off” their own dance ideas at the end of each session.
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String Group – is made up of string players from Remove to Form IV and is run by our violin teacher Ms Kalinowska.

Table Tennis – (sometimes known as ping pong) truly is a game for everyone. With straightforward rules, simple equipment and a fast pace, it’s a game that anybody can get stuck into. You do not need to be strong, tall or able to run a mile to play table tennis. In fact, anybody can be good at this game, all it takes is a little practice.

Yoga and Mindfulness lessons are taught by Rebecca Heap who is a fully qualified Children’s Mindfulness and Yoga teacher, having trained with the Mindfulness in Schools Project and The Collins and Barth School of Yoga. This club is designed to help with the stresses and strains faced by children today; giving them the tools they need to support their emotional wellbeing throughout their lives.

Froelibobs – The Froebelian School Holiday Club

Froebelian Pupils enjoy a host of activities in our holiday club including a Robot Workshop with local artist Mr John Giles, Halloween Yoga with specialist teacher Rebecca Heap as well as a ‘Woodland Adventure’ and an afternoon of ‘It’s A Knockout’ challenges.

All this alongside a multitude of sporting, baking and crafting activities.  For more information about our holiday clubs visit

Froelibobs is open to all Froebelian children from 3-11, 51 weeks a year and is for all pupils from the age of 3-11 years, with a closure week between Christmas and New Year (and closed on bank holidays).

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As you would expected our outstanding teaching is backed up with a regular school trips and educational visits. These help reinforce class teaching as well as giving the children opportunities to discover and develop greater independence.

Older pupils are given opportunities to experience residential trips to places such as the Robinwood outdoor centre at Todmorden and Form IV (Year 6) will have an opportunity to visit France at some point in their final year. Form IV pupils are also given the chance to qualify for the Froebelian Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge as well as undertaking a number of both physical and community based activities to achieve the FIVe Steps Challenge award.

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