This Week

The most up to date information about the week ahead in school

Remember the most up to date information about the week ahead in school is always available on This Week which can be found by clicking here

It is always available in the documents section of the school App and on the noticeboard in the school playground.

Each Form teacher at The Froebelian School writes a weekly newsletter to provide an overview of what’s been happening that week, information about homework and up and coming events.

Please read our ‘Working Together’ policy here. This document outlines the partnership we try to develop with every family in the best interests of their child. It details the commitment the school is prepared to make to all parents. It also summarises the areas in which we expect the support from parents and children relating to attendance, high standards of behaviour, the wearing of uniform and the completion of school work.

Newsletters for this week:

LKG 28.03.2024

KG 28.03.2024

Transition 28.03.2024

Remove 28.03.2024

FI 28.03.2024

FII 28.03.2024

FIII 28.03.2024

FIV 28.03.2024

(These are also available in the documents section of the school App.)

Take a look at what’s happening in school  This Week 

The Froebelian School Safeguarding Newsletter can be read here

The Come Dine With Me & Class Assembly Calendar is here:

Class                 Class Assembly                          Come Dine with Me
LKG                  Thursday 13 June 2024             Thursday 13 June 2024
KG                     Wednesday 22 May 2024         Thursday 21 March 2024
Transition        Thursday 16 May 2024             Wednesday 6 March 2024
Remove            Thursday 8 February 2024      Thursday 18 April 2024
FI                       Thursday 16 November 2023  Thursday 22 February 2024
FIII                   Thursday 12 October 2023       Wednesday 24 April 2024

To view the past newsletters for your child’s class please visit the newsletter archive page

Calendar events can be downloaded via the School App – if you are not yet registered contact Rachel Swinney 

Please note the school calendar is constantly under review and subject to change.