Remove is our Year 2 Class for children aged 6-7 – Key Stage 1

To ensure that every pupil receives sufficient individual attention, they have a full time form teacher and a full time teaching assistant.

In literacy areas covered in Transition are extended including reading, writing and understanding of; stories, instructions, poetry and author studies, as well as on-going handwriting, joining up, comprehension, spellings and grammar skills.

Numeracy is focussed on developing skills with number, place value, addition and subtraction as well as division and multiplication. Topics also include money, length, time, shape, fractions, data handling, mass, capacity, right angles and graphs. We will also be focussing on using and applying mathematical skills, problem solving and developing mental maths strategies.

Science , ICT, DT, Geography, History, Art, RE, Music, PSHE and PE will continue to be taught by specialist staff.

Remove on Lunchtimes

The best things about Froebelian, by our children in Remove:

“I like maths because we always do the hard ones and I like hard ones even if I find them tricky and even if I have a guess.”

“I like drama and computer club because I learnt how to play fun brain.”

“I like open doors because it is very very fun. I like the cars in Kindergarten and the IPads because you can play anything you want.”

“My favourite thing about Froebelian is doing computer club because it is really fun.”

“My favourite thing is the clubs. I like computer club. I like the games and I always play at home. I like Friv the best.”

“I like computer club.”

“I like history because it is fun. My favourite thing is World War II.”

“I like maths because it is fun when we weigh things like cubes.”

“I like lunches because they are nice and my favourite is pasta.”

“I like tennis because you can win medals and it is fun.”

“I like lunch and I really like baked beans because it is yum.”

“I like learning about World War II at Eden Camp.”

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