Froebelian Flyers

‘The Froebelian Flyers’ are learning superheroes that each harbour a special learning superpower!

Each week the teachers choose children from their class who have demonstrated a particular effort with the learning behaviours to be congratulated in our Celebration Assembly on FrFroebelian Flyers charactersidays. Children are then presented with a certificate and are invited to join the Headteacher and the Deputy Headteacher at morning break for a drink and biscuit.

Raising awareness of these different learning behaviours, encourages the children to become confident, resourceful and resilient learners and instills in them a lifelong thirst for learning.

  • Determined Dennis – ‘I keep trying.’
  • Curious Curtis – ‘I want to know more.’
  • Creative Christina – ‘I can use my imagination.’
  • Independent India – ‘I can work by myself.’
  • Risk-taker Rishi – ‘I can have a go and learn from my mistakes.’
  • Collaborative Colin – ‘I can work in a team.’
  • Responsible Rebecca – ‘I can take charge of myself.’
  • Strategic Stephanie- ‘I can plan and organise myself and my work.’

In addition to our ‘Froebelian Flyers’, we are also run a weekly ethos theme to help to advocate mindfulness and care for ourselves and others in a range of situations.

The themes are reinforced through our assembly programme and followed through in the classroom and around school.  Class teachers will publish the ethos theme for the following week in their weekly newsletters and we invite you to reinforce these messages at home.

“This year I have achieved so much, that, when I was looking through my certificate folder I was really surprised.”

“As each year passed, and we saw both children growing in confidence and happiness, we realised that we had been fortunate enough to get them into a very, very special school”

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The Froebelian Flyers

Froebelian Flyers are pupils nominated by teachers, who they believe have best met the characteristics of one of the flyers.