Take a look at Mr Schofield’s Menu for this term

All pupils at The Froebelian School have a cooked lunch at school with the exception of children in LKG (Nursery) as lunch and the afternoon session are optional for them. We know that good food is important for children and we provide a delicious, healthy meal from a menu each day, which caters for every diet.

Surveys of our pupils confirm that the food receives a very high satisfaction rating from them.Apple picking

The school kitchen is run by professionals employed by Froebelian and therefore know all the children well and can take into account individual dietary requirements.

The last environmental health inspection by Leeds City Council gave the kitchen a 5 star rating, the highest possible.

Every year, each class has a ‘Come Dine With Us’ day when they invite their parents to enjoy a delicious school lunch with them; it’s one of the highlights of the year.

Mr Schofield’s menu for this term

“There is an excellent approach by all the staff to enable each child to reach their full potential, which in turn creates a wonderfully happy learning environment”

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The Froebelian Flyers

Froebelian Flyers are pupils nominated by teachers, who they believe have best met the characteristics of one of the flyers.