Welcome to The Froebelian School

Welcome to The Froebelian School

The pupils’ attitudes to learning are exceptional.’  – The Independent Schools Inspectorate 


The Froebelian School, Horsforth is one of Leeds’ leading independent preparatory schools for children aged 3-11 years.

I am extremely proud of The Froebelian School and of the children and staff who work so harmoniously together here. It is a special place, with a uniquely happy atmosphere.

Children are at the heart of everything we do and we are passionate that all children enjoy a positive experience at school each and every day. Our aim is to provide a first class all-round education in which both the unique needs of our children are met and their talents can flourish in a caring, structured and secure environment.

At Froebelian we are enormously proud of our strong and closely-knit family community and we work together to foster a life-long thirst for learning. We firmly believe that happy children make effective learners and our school resonates with life and energy. The children and staff here apply themselves with dedicated enthusiasm in creating a stimulating and dynamic learning environment.

The Froebelian School strives to be truly innovative whilst maintaining our reputation for high standards. Quality classroom teaching and committed pastoral care ensure that our teachers really know and understand our children as individuals. Benefitting from a highly favourable staff to pupil ratio, we are able to provide plenty of focused support for pupils.

We set high expectations for effort and behaviour and the children always rise to meet this challenge. As a result, our children regularly secure a place at their first choice senior school and we enjoy an excellent scholarship success rate.

By cultivating a positive ethos built on strong relationships our children can develop their skills across a wide range of opportunities available to them. Performance and participation are gently encouraged from the very beginning and all our children have regular opportunities to perform in the sporting, theatrical, musical and public speaking arenas.

We nurture each child in a community based on fairness, respect and kindness where adults and children can trust and are considerate of each other and we encourage children to build life-long friendships and equip them for success in a rapidly changing world.

Our children adore their school and are justly proud of all they do. They love learning and there is a true sense of fun. We would love you to experience the warmth and politeness of our children for yourselves – please do come and meet them!

Catherine Dodds, Headteacher

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The Froebelian Flyers

Froebelian Flyers are pupils nominated by teachers, who they believe have best met the characteristics of one of the flyers.