The Froebelian School, Horsforth prides itself on providing the highest quality, full day, wraparound care, 51 weeks a year

Before and After School

The before and after school provision is an integral part of the school day and our dedicated team is employed specifically for their strengths in that area of expertise.

Our popular Breakfast Club runs from 7.30am each morning of term and is run by staff members who together they provide a warm, early welcome for children. Those arriving early may either have breakfast or just join in the activities. Parents are also very welcome to stay for breakfast.  There is no need to book Breakfast Club.

After school our Homework & Activities Club (HAC) runs from 3.30pm until 6pm. Mrs Mulligan is the HAC Supervisor and she is assisted by three members of staff. During HAC the children have opportunities to play and enjoy a variety of activities. Older children are supervised for a homework session and children who stay until 5.00 pm are given a light tea.

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There are additional charges for Breakfast Club and HAC.

Froebees (Formerly Little Acorns)

FroeBees is our provision for our Lower Kindergarten children to stay with us in the afternoon until 3.30pm, supervised by Mrs Mulligan.

A maximum of 16 places are available each afternoon and preference will be given to those who subscribe on a regular basis.

You also have the option of booking your child in for lunch only on any day without having to take up the whole FroeBees session. These can be booked in advance for any number of days per term. FroeBees sessions and lunches booked by the start of term will be invoiced in advance at a termly rate. You will also be able to book individual ad-hoc lunches or FroeBees sessions. These will be charged in arrears at a separate ad-hoc rate.

If you would like your child to remain after 3:30pm, arrangements must be made for a place in Homework & Activities Club (N.B. the usual terms will apply)

Froelibobs Holiday Club

Introducing Froelibobs!

Our ever popular Holiday Club is launching an exciting new itinerary.  From Robot Workshops to Woodland Adventures, Yoga sessions to Sporting Challenges the children at Froelibobs will enjoy a host of activities run by specialist teachers and coaches, whilst being looked after by the familiar faces of Mrs Jackson, Mrs Simcock and Miss McCaig.

Froelibobs is open to all Froebelian children aged 3-11 from 8am – 5pm.

Froebelian has a 51 week a year provision for all pupils from the age of 3-11 years, with a closure week between Christmas and New Year (and closed on bank holidays).

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There is an option to book individual days as well as the full week. The hours are 8.00am to 4:00pm (£31.50 per day) with an optional late pick up at 5:00pm (for an additional charge of £5.25 per day). Children would need to bring a packed lunch, drinks and snacks. Childcare vouchers or Tax Free Childcare can be used in full or part payment for the sessions booked.

Pastoral Care

Form teachers are at the heart of the pastoral care that embraces every child. Our teachers devote lots of time to ensuring that they know each child really well and have an excellent rapport with them. They also ensure that key information is shared with other staff who work with the children, such as playground supervisors and visiting teachers. That way if a child has a particular concern it is dealt with quickly and sensitively by all the staff.

We know that young children, like adults, are ‘a work in progress’ and that they will all (to varying degrees) need support and guidance with issues such as relationships, conflict, grief and disappointment. Our staff receive regular training on issues relating to pastoral care and child protection; the welfare of children is paramount in all we do.

As a school of just under two-hundred children, we know that each member of our community can rely on friendship, kindness and genuine warmth from everyone on our extended family. For instance, if a child was to scrape their knee in the playground, we know that the first adult to deal with them will be someone well known to that child. Good relationships are at the very heart of any strong community and in the most recent inspection report it states,

‘The pastoral care of pupils is excellent and they feel happy and extremely safe’.