Music is a unique way of communicating that can inspire and motivate children. At Froebelian we make music an enjoyable learning experience and encourage all children to participate in a variety of musical experiences.

In our new Music Suite, we aim to encourage children to sing and play instruments with enthusiasm from an early age, encourage them to work individually, co-operate with others and to develop confidence in all musical activities.

Music at Froebelian is part of school life and is taught to all age groups by a specialist teacher. Specialist peripatetic instrumental teachers visit school and pupils are encouraged to learn an instrument, including voice, in addition to the recorder.

“Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.” ― Confucius

Miss Hazel Smith – Flute and Fife Teacher

Miss Smith has been teaching the flute and fife at Froebelian for 10 years. She is an experienced teacher of children and adults, and directs an adult flute choir. She also enjoys playing in two ensembles that do performances in the local area.

Listen to The Yorkshire Flute Choir here

Mrs Helen Mason – Piano Teacher

Clarinet and Saxophone Teacher – Mr Matthew McGuffie

Mr McGuffie has extensive experience working with students of all ages and is also an ABRSM examiner.  He graduated with a Bachelor of Music Honours Degree from Huddersfield University and has dedicated the past twenty five years to building his teaching skillset and experience whilst preparing students for instrumental and theory ABRSM and Trinity College Exams as well as GCSE and A level performance assessments.

Mr McGuffie performs in a wide variety of musical settings from Orchestral and large Wind Orchestra groups to Musical Theatre pit work, Function bands and Wedding Performances. These include performances in two recent Worlds Saxophone Congresses.

Mrs Milka Kalinowka – Violin Teacher

Milka Kalinowka is passionate about the violin and getting children involved in music from an early age.  She began her musical journey when she was seven at the Primary School of Music in Gdynia Poland, graduating from the Academy of Music in Poland in 2001 with a degree and a certificate of instrumental pedagogies specialising in teaching violin.  Milka has performed in chamber courses, music festivals, concerts and symphonic and chamber orchestras around the world.

Listen to Milka here 

Mr David Grainger – Guitar Teacher

David Grainger has been playing guitar for 25 years, and has been a professional teacher for over 10 years. He has studied with many leading guitarists and teachers, and holds a Licentiate in Guitar Performance from ABRSM.

David’s focus in lessons is on developing a solid foundation of skills so that students can continue to explore and enjoy playing the guitar throughout their lives. He ensures that students play with good technique, and can read music confidently. Many students go on to sit Graded examinations in guitar, with a 100% pass rate, while others explore a variety of styles of guitar playing.

Listen to David here

David Grainger Website

Mr Brian Mason – Singing Teacher

Singing is good for you

“There are many different benefits that arise from singing. These apply to all ages, from childhood into adulthood and through into retirement age and
beyond. I know. With appropriate nurturing, singing competency will develop. Almost without exception, everyone has the potential to sing competently and enjoy singing for the whole of their life. Childhood provides a crucial opportunity to lay the foundations of a positive lifelong singing (and musical) pleasure.  We singers don’t need to buy an instrument. We are born with it and with careful nurturing it can turn into a most beautiful instrument.  The joy of singing is unbelievable. Our repertoire is immense, probably greater than for any other instrument, and dates from the 6th Century plainchant by St Gregory the Great to the modern music from the 20th and 21st Century.  I have been singing and performing all my life and still do. I get so much pleasure in singing and working with other musicians and there is so much pleasure in singing music from the 1,000-year repertoire that is available.”


If you are interested in your child starting music lessons with any of our specialist teachers please contact the office and we will put you in touch.

All classes are involved in Christmas productions, our Spring Festival of the Arts and the Summer Term musical production for the Juniors as well as a number of other events during the school year, including Harvest Festival, Remembrance and class assemblies. Music plays an important part in helping children feel part of a community and provides opportunities for all children to be creative, play, perform and enjoy music, both individually and in groups.

Our extra curricular groups include a school choir, orchestra, string orchestra and samba band, as well as other ensembles that rehearse during the year for performances.

“In music I have accomplished my goal of improving my singing

and I am now able to sing on stage with conviction”

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