Kindergarten is our reception class for children aged 4-5 -EYFS

In Kindergarten we cover all the seven areas of learning identified by the EYFS and ensure that the key aspects of numeracy, literacy and developing an enquiring mind receive the attention they need if our children are to make early and sustained progress.

We ensure that all our pupils, including those in the early years, follow a curriculum that is broad and challenging. Our children are encouraged to be polymaths and through music, art, sport, drama and technology Froebelian pupils are given an enriched education with a clear academic focus.

Kindergarten’s Day

The best things about Froebelian, by our children in Lower Kindergarten:

“We love show and tell.”

“I love crafty fingers”

“I love singing in Kindergarten”

“I love drawing”

“I like when we go to PE”

“I like playing in the playground”

“I like doing maths”

“I love school trips”

“I like eating my lunch”

“I like going on the computer”

“I like playing with the meerkats”

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