Celebrating Uniqueness in a Truly Nurturing Environment with a Distinctively Happy Atmosphere

At the Froebelian School, we take a holistic approach to education, seeking to foster development and progress for every child in the broadest possible sense. We pride ourselves on our pastoral care and truly nurturing environment. We aim to make sure each and every pupil feels valued and is a secure part of the Froebelian family from their very first day aged three until they continue on their educational journey at the age of eleven. We value partnership with parents and carers and the safety and well-being of each pupil is always the top priority.

Form Groups
Each pupil belongs to a small mixed form group, run by a class teacher and at least one full time teaching assistant. The teacher will get to know your child well and be your first and most informed point of contact with the school. All teachers have an open-door policy, are available at the beginning and the end of each day and are contactable by email; endeavouring to respond as soon as practically possible.

The Headteacher and the Senior Leadership Team maintain an overview of pupil progress and welfare and take a close interest in working closely with parents and carers. Much the same applies to the staff in the School Office who are often involved in helping to provide help, information and advice to parents and carers.

A generous teacher-pupil ratio and small class sizes, along with an exuberant house system, contribute to the warm, friendly and uniquely happy atmosphere that our children really appreciate and in which they can thrive.

We know that children who are happy, secure and confident will have the best chance to reach their full potential whilst maintaining their uniqueness. Happy children are effective learners. By creating a disciplined and caring environment in which mutual respect is prevalent, we believe that pupils understand what is expected of them and they share our ambition that they should be enthusiastic, contented learners.

The House System
All pupils are members of one of four houses: Norman, Stuart, Tudor and Windsor. We operate a flourishing and dynamic system which brings pupils together from across the age groups and builds a sense of belonging. The house system helps to develop confidence and participation through a range of events including our Spring Festival, Sports’ Days, a range of competitions and the weekly House Cup Award.

Medical and Pastoral Support
Our staff have regular First Aid training, nine of whom are trained in paediatric First Aid and an additional three who are trained in First Aid in the Workplace and Adult First Aid.

We take our safeguarding responsibilities very seriously and we have three members of staff who are specially trained as Designated Safeguarding Leads. Weekly meetings ensure that all children who are experiencing difficulties in school or at home can be monitored and their needs met; working in close partnership with their families.

The Froebelian School is a Christian-based, non-denominational school which happily welcomes children from a wide variety of faith backgrounds and traditions. Approximately 55% of the pupil body is made up of white British children with 45% from a range of ethnic minority backgrounds.

Through our Religious Education curriculum, we ensure that pupils learn about the major world faiths with Christianity as the core. Many assemblies are based on Christian principles and the focus is usually on the moral and spiritual meanings. Matters of doctrine, liturgies etc, are left for home and individual families. Some assemblies will focus on celebrations or aspects of other world faiths and we periodically invite representatives from different faith groups to lead assemblies. All pupils happily attend assemblies and the vast majority join in celebrations and services such as the Nativity and Carol Service.

Charitable work is an integral part of our commitment in encouraging our children to become productive citizens in society. At Froebelian, we select a chosen charity each year to support through a range of fundraising activities. This often inspires the children to develop their own fundraising initiatives which are promoted by the school and supported by its community.

Healthy for Life
We all appreciate that a healthy mind and a healthy body go hand in hand and this is something we strive for in every facet of school life. Our chef, Mr Schofield, creates a healthy choice of meals, with hot and cold options including a help yourself salad bar as well as fresh fruit and desserts. Our curriculum includes regular sport for every child each week, in addition to the many co-curricular clubs offered before and after school and at lunchtimes.

Co-curricular Opportunities
As well as our rich, broad and balanced academic curriculum, we offer a wide range of co-curricular opportunities ranging from weekly clubs, visiting speakers, workshops, theatre visits, themed days, day trips and residential experiences. These opportunities seek to enhance learning, promote active engagement with new experiences and challenge the children in their personal development.