Froebelian’s competitive fees are one of the most flexible fee scales in the region.

Investing in Your Child’s Future

We offer a number of ways that families can pay fees:

Click here for the scale of fees 2023-2024

As an independent preparatory school we charge fees in order to provide excellent education and care, because we receive no money from central or local government. As a registered charity we are a not-for-profit school and only charge fees that are necessary to run the school and to provide investment for continuing improvements to our facilities and resources.

We understand that choosing an independent school is an important decision, and represents a significant financial commitment. We are committed to delivering an exceptional experience for all of our pupils, whilst keeping our fees competitive.

Click here for the scale of fees 2023-2024

Free Early Education Entitlement

All 3 year old children attending The Froebelian School are currently eligible to claim the Free Early Education Entitlement up to and including the term in which the child is 5. The first 15 hours of Early Years Foundation Stage education are delivered completely free of charge, with 30 hours available for eligible families.  The balance of fees payable for the term is due entirely in respect of the additional hours your child attends the school and for specialist and qualified teaching.


As a leading independent primary school in Leeds we seek to be as inclusive as possible. Part of our commitment as a charity is to try to ensure that some places are available to children irrespective of parental income or family circumstances.

In 2003, at Froebelian we began fundraising for our bursary fund and each year the governors review our commitment to providing subsidised places.

We know that our excellent education and care will provide enormous benefits to children from a wide variety of backgrounds, and we know that our school family is strengthened by a vibrant mixture of children.

Prospective parents are welcome to make enquiries regarding the possibility of bursary support; both the Headteacher and Bursar can help. If there is the possibility of a place, the parent(s) will be invited to complete a detailed form providing comprehensive information regarding the family’s financial circumstances. This will allow the school to determine what level of support might be available if a place is offered. All information is handled in strict confidence.

Bursary and Hardship Information