Flexible, Teacher led Learning from the Age of 3 at Froebelian

Enjoy the flexibility of a nursery setting, whilst benefitting from teacher led learning from the age of three years, with a guaranteed place in our Kindergarten (Reception) class.
We are now offering the option to choose any four mornings from five, in our Lower Kindergarten Class, leaving yourself a day at home with your child.
Full days, wrap-around care and holiday clubs are available if needed and can also be booked on an ad hoc basis.  Ideal for busy families where you’re juggling time at work alongside precious time at home with your young family.
This flexibility enables an easier transition from a nursery and an ideal opportunity to experience school life, with the benefits of teacher-led learning.

Come in and have a chat to us and explore our amazing Early Years classrooms, our exceptional outdoor space, hidden forest and treehouse.
Or, join us for our Springtime Stay and Play for three and four years olds on Friday 21 April 2023 from 9.30-10.30am.  Email us to reserve a place.

Up to 30 hours Early Years Entitlement up until the end of the term your child turns five.

Teacher led learning from the age of three enables children to make secure foundations, upon which they can build, throughout their school life. The effects on early language and literacy, as well as their social development and confidence are huge at this age. Children develop problem solving, reasoning and critical thinking skills, when engaged in this kind of environment.

Lower Kindergarten Teacher, Mrs Giles said: “Recognising the pressures of everyday life for families and combining that with our Froebel values of the benefits of a teacher led learning environment from the age of three, we have taken the decision to create more flexibility at Lower Kindergarten. We are delighted to now offer the option to choose four out of five mornings, enabling families to spend a full day at home with their child.”

If you would like to visit the school at any other time contact the Headteacher’s PA, Mrs Borkala