‘I’m Having Nun of It’

21 September 2018

I have been thinking about habits this week. We often think about habits as a negative behaviour such as biting our nails, procrastinating, watching reality tv or drinking too much coffee. There is a widespread belief that it takes just 30 days to break a ‘bad habit’ and, although scientific research suggests it takes at least twice as long, the time frame is still short enough to be inspiring, but long enough to be believable.

I am not about to share my personal bad habits but I am endeavouring to develop some ‘good’ ones! The time frame to establish a good habit must surely be the same as it takes to break one. Drinking more water is high on the list as is avoiding checking my phone for at least an hour before bedtime.

All this has led me to think about what good habits we could encourage the children to adopt as part of their on-going personal development. Next week, our ethos theme is about respecting everyone’s right to learn. Below is a list of the good habits the children should try to develop versus the bad habits they should try to break. Any help with this would be appreciated!

Good Habit Bad Habit
Actively listens Waits for a gap in the talking so they can speak
Puts up their hand to speak Interrupts
Takes turns/shares Dominates others in the group
Respects each other’s ideas Wants their own way
Manages distractions Creates or engages in distractions