The Importance of Compliments

Most people are prone to a little grumpiness now and then! We all have those days when we get out of the wrong side of the bed, we’re feeling a little bit off our game or under the weather. The next time you find yourself in that state of mind and you spend the day muttering under your breath, take a look around and try paying a compliment to the first person you see. It’s often easier said than done, especially when the storm clouds of life are looming large overhead, but if you can stop yourself in that moment and say something pleasant and unexpected to a family member, friend or colleague, the day ahead for both of you can turn on a sixpence for the better.

Next week, our ethos theme will be: ‘We know how to give and receive compliments.’ We are often very good at giving other people compliments but we can often become shy, dismissive or tongue-tied when we receive them; trying to somehow brush off the compliment or being self-deprecating. Compliments are like verbal sunshine; they cost nothing and are excellent for positive self-esteem. As Mark Twain said: ‘I can live for two months on a good compliment.’ Teaching children the benefits of giving compliments is important, but equally so is teaching them how to receive a compliment graciously. As mental health issues pervade the news and social media, we can all do our little bit to make each person we encounter feel good about themselves and perhaps walk a little taller for the rest of their day. I know, as part of their kindness agenda over the next few weeks, the Juniors will be thinking about how a kind compliment can make a positive impact on those around them.

Here are some great reasons to make a compliment to someone every day:

It shifts focus

By breaking off from your own worries, stresses or troubles, you’re momentarily shifting your focus from all the things going wrong in your day and placing it on helping make someone else’s day a little brighter. A ripple effect can be created as the person you complimented might then in turn to go on and compliment someone else. Your few seconds of pleasant and thoughtful words can spread joy much further than you might imagine.

Sincere compliments build trust

The desire to be acknowledged is part of the human psyche. When someone else comments positively on even the slightest thing about another person, it tells that person that they, or their work, has not gone unnoticed. It’s a little boost that reignites our confidence and self-esteem. The sincerity of the compliment is key. As we grow older, we can become more sceptical about people’s motivation when they do things for us. We all need someone in our lives we can trust, and the more we build up others the more we’re also building up ourselves.

What goes around comes around

When you give a compliment, you’re more than likely going to get one in return. That moment could be enough to carry you the rest of the day and keep you happy and productive. You’ll be happier and in turn your friends, family and colleagues might benefit and in turn they will be happier.

Smiling burns calories

Smiling often brings laughter, and laughing burns even more calories.

Compliments are FREE!

Enough said.