The Froebelian School Open Day 2021

It was a pleasure to welcome so many families and reveal our brand new EYFS provision which continues to focus on our philosophy of learning through teacher-led, structured play activities, ensuring that Froebelian children receive a flying start which is relevant to their future success.

If you were unable to attend that day do contact to arrange a personal tour and a meeting with the Headteacher.

Following on from our last very successful project to implement technologies in the classroom with the iPad project, the School Council and Senior Leadership Team have been working behind the scenes for over a year to develop long-term, strategic plans for the benefit of current and future pupils.

After wide-ranging discussions, we identified the following key areas of school provision to target for investment and development:

EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage)

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths); and Sport

At Froebelian, we place great importance on children developing the crucial building blocks of learning in Lower Kindergarten and Kindergarten. We already provide a range of rich experiences and opportunities in early years and our brand new restructured and enhanced EYFS environment, both indoors and outdoors has been specifically designed to ignite the children’s curiosity and passion for learning.

We also intend to explore our approach to the STEAM curriculum. The disciplines involved in STEAM learning will be highly-valued in workplaces of the future as we enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Equipping our children with the skills needed to contribute positively in an evolving world is vital in a forward-thinking educational model. Plans may include a reconfiguration of specialist teaching areas; enabling wide, cross-curricular opportunities in purpose-built facilities.

Future plans will also concentrate on the potential for improvements to our sport provision; encompassing the range of sports we offer, access to specialist off-site sporting facilities and increased opportunities for teaching being supported by professional coaches.