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Thank you for your interest in the Froebelian School, Horsforth. If you would like to apply for any of our vacancies, please complete the Application Form below and click ‘Submit’.

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    Criminal Convictions – Guidance

    Candidates with a criminal conviction should refer to our Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy and our Policy on Recruitment of Ex-Offenders which may be found on our website: Policy Statements

    It is an offence to apply for this role if you have been barred from engaging in regulated activity relevant to children.

    If you are shortlisted for interview, we will issue a Self-declaration Disclosure form which must be completed and brought with you to the interview.

    You will be required to give details of any convictions which are not ‘spent’. In addition, you will be required to disclose any convictions, cautions, reprimands or final warnings that are not ’protected’ as defined by the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exceptions) Order 1975 (as amended in 2013 and 2020) by S.I. 2013/1198.

    This will not necessarily bar you from applying but failure to disclose may lead to later dismissal dependent on the nature of the position and the circumstances and background of your offences.

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    NOTE: We will require proof of this right before an offer of employment can be confirmed.
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    Please give the names and contact details of at least two referees who can comment on your suitability for this position (where possible, these should be from two different organisations). One should be your current or most recent employer (Note: if you are not currently working with children but have done so in the past the second referee should be the employer by who you were most recently employed in work with children). We cannot accept references from relatives or people who you only know as friends.

    *Please note that if you are shortlisted for this post we would ideally like to contact these referees ahead of interview. If you have any concerns about us doing so then please clearly indicate.

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    Supporting Information

    Please provide additional information in support of your application, giving examples of how you meet the criteria in the Person Specification, explaining how your skills, knowledge and experience will enable you to perform the duties in the Job Description

    Privacy Notice

    The information detailed in this application form will be used in order to process your application in line with the school’s Recruitment and Selection process. The lawful basis for process this information is with a view to entering into contract with you.

    Your information may be shared externally where required for the recruitment process, for example, in order to obtain references or where background checks are required. Your information will only be shared where necessary, and in accordance with data protection law.

    If successful, this form will be retained on your personal file and kept for a period of 6 years after the termination of your employment.

    Application forms submitted by unsuccessful candidates will be destroyed 6 months from the date the post was appointed.

    For more detailed information about how your information will be processed, and for details of our Data Protection Officer please contact the School Office.

    Information regarding your rights in relation to your personal data are available via the Information Commissioner’s Office:


    I certify that the information given on this form is true in every respect and consent to this data being received and held subject to the Data Protection Act (2018). I declare the information I have given on this form is complete and accurate and that I am not banned or disqualified from working with children nor subject to any sanctions or conditions on my employment imposed by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), the Secretary of State or a regulatory body. I understand that knowingly giving false information, or omitting any relevant information, could result in the withdrawal of any offer of appointment, or my dismissal at any time in the future and possible criminal prosecution. If my application is unsuccessful I understand that all my details will be erased from the school’s database.

    I accept that, if I am offered a position, my engagement will be subject to a Disclosure and Barring Service (Enhanced Certificate) with children’s barred list if the role involves regulated activity, satisfactory references, and to my passing a medical examination if requested.

    Vacancies Application Form November 19, 2021