Each year the whole Froebelian School community, including the FPTA, supports designated local, national or international charities and community projects. Fundraising is a great way in which the whole school community can work together on a common goal and maintaining this sense of community is very important to us.

Last year, our charity fundraising efforts were cut short due to the school closure. As such, we decided to continue supporting Yorkshire Air Ambulance for the following academic year – 2020/2021.  Despite the circumstances the whole Froebelian Family came together to raise an outstanding £6024.39.

For 2021/22 we have chosen to support Save the Children.  The charity believes that children shouldn’t be defined by their situation, but by who they are and what they can be. In 2020 alone, they helped 45 million children across the world get the medicine, good food and education they need with nearly 600,000 supporters, alongside families, nurses, teachers and other workers.

Fundraising has already begun with our Form IV (Year 6) children conquering The Yorkshire Three Peaks – raising a massive £1396.00

In addition to this throughout the year the school supports a number of other charities and community projects including:

We invite representatives to come and talk to the whole school about their work because we believe that children benefit from a close involvement with the charity.  This helps them to understand the value of helping others which sits well with the ethos of the school, particularly our original school motto of “Serve and Endeavour”.

The children are involved in fundraising activity individually, in their forms, houses or as a complete school. It helps them remain grounded, and understand how lucky they are to enjoy good health and wellbeing. We also ensure that the children develop organisational skills through fundraising; this complements the growth of their social awareness and an appreciation of the value of money, and the effort that goes into earning it.