Why Froebelian?

Froebelian School pupils reach the highest possible standards in academic work, sport, music, technology, art and drama.

We nurture good citizenship, believe that children benefit from good discipline and we encourage healthy competition. We offer an excellent staff pupil ratio (1 to 10), modern facilities and the support of highly dedicated, professional teachers.

With the aim to provide children with a happy learning environment, one where they are challenged and supported to achieve personal excellence, each year up to 24 children aged 3+ are admitted to the Lower Kindergarten (Nursery) class. Other places for older children are sometimes available and enquiries are always welcome. We are large enough to offer first-class teaching and facilities, but small enough to ensure that every child is part of our extended family.

Our goals of nurturing children to help them become rounded individuals and that of allowing them to fulfil their full potential are achieved through a broad curriculum and proactive pastoral care. Academic success is at the heart of the school and is complemented by plenty of sport, music, art and drama. There is a full programme of extra-curricular activities, including opportunities for outdoor pursuits.

The Quality of Pupils’ Academic Achievements

We are a thriving, independent school in Leeds for 190 children aged 3 to 11 years. We aim to provide children with a happy learning environment, one where they are challenged and supported to achieve personal excellence.

100% Success in Entrance Exams

In 2021, all children in Form IV (Year 6) gained a place at their first choice of senior school with many children receiving multiple offers of places.

There was a total of 43 places offered to 20 pupils.  These also included eight scholarships/awards as listed below:

  • Bradford Grammar School – one Headmaster’s Scholarship and one Chartered Scholarship (out of 15 sitting exams)
  • Woodhouse Grove School – three Headmaster Awards, two academic scholarships (out of 17 sitting exams)
  • GSAL – is not making any additional awards this year. Froebelian was one of only a handful of schools with a clean sweep of offers of places.
  • Harrogate Ladies College – one Drama Scholarship (out of one sitting an exam)

  At Woodhouse Grove School, eight out of 17 who sat exams were in top 25 of all Year 7 applications.

National Curriculum Tests (SATs) & Assessment

In the past, children at Froebelian have performed consistently above national standards in National Curriculum Tests (SATs). This year, we have taken a decision to withdraw from the national testing, keeping us in line with other independent schools in our area. This will allow us to focus on delivering an holistic provision through a rich, broad and balanced curriculum offer which supports pupils’ academic progress as well as their personal development.

Children will still be assessed regularly each year using nationally standardised materials to help ensure our pupils maintain high academic standards and levels of progress.

Test Average Scaled Scores
2019 2018 2017 2016
Maths 107.5 110 107 107
Reading 111 112 113 110
Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar 109.5 111 105 107


Personal Development


Each year as one of the leading independent schools in Leeds, The Froebelian supports a local charity. We believe that children benefit from a close involvement with the charity and this helps them to understand the value of helping others.

This sits well with the ethos of the school, particularly our original school motto of “Serve and Endeavour”…..read more


Music at Froebelian is an important aspect of school life and is taught to all age groups by a specialist teacher. Specialist peripatetic instrumental teachers visit school and pupils are encouraged to learn an instrument, including voice, in addition to the recorder...read more


The latest Form IV and Form III pupil entrants for Drama examinations achieved an outstanding set of results with everyone receiving distinctions.  The examiner commented on how very confident children were and how impressed she was with all of their performances.….read more


At Froebelian we know that our many co-educational sporting opportunities and achievements help complement our excellent academic success.  We understand that children instinctively enjoy sport and we know that it is vital that young children exercise regularly.  Many of our staff have specialist PE training and have distinguished sporting records, Mrs Algar is a former county level netballer……….read more

IT Provision


“A lovely, friendly, warm school with very high standards in every area”

Arrange a visit to the school, you can meet some of our staff and pupils.

The Froebelian Flyers

Froebelian Flyers are pupils nominated by teachers, who they believe have best met the characteristics of one of the flyers.